Like it or not, we are still amid The Great Resignation. Employees have been leaving their jobs in record numbers for some time, and the trend seems likely to continue. And while you’ll certainly be focusing on attracting new talent, it’s also essential that you retain the great people you already have, too. If you are at risk of losing top talent, it’s time to give your retention game a boost. Here is how:

#1: Compensate employees fairly

If you’re not competitive in the compensation department, employees will quickly be leaving for greener pastures. Increase pay or supply other forms of compensation, like bonuses – and don’t forget about healthcare benefits and retirement plans, either.

#2: Promote work-life balance

The focus on work-life balance isn’t just a passing fad. It’s here to stay. Make sure your management team encourages everyone to set boundaries and leads by example when it comes to supporting that balance.

#3: Allow flexible work arrangements

The pandemic made flexible work arrangements the norm. Even if you can’t offer a permanent remote option, think about other possibilities – a compressed workweek, a hybrid solution, flex hours, and more can be big retention boosters.

#4: Supply wellness offerings

Employees tend to stick around when they feel they’re cared for – physically, mentally, and financially. Consider expanding your wellness program and see what you can offer, from reimbursement for gym memberships or fitness classes to stress management programs and much more.

#5: Offer rewards

Paid family leave, transportation reimbursement, a travel stipend, and other benefits can boost employee morale and keep people happy for the long-term.

#6: Start a mentorship program

Staff members can greatly benefit from being given a mentor, especially if they’re a new hire. And it is also a benefit for those who become mentees because their job satisfaction goes up when they’re passing on their knowledge and helping someone else.

#7: Onboard properly

Set new employees up for success from the very start. Make sure your onboarding process is thorough and effective – set the tone you want to convey from day one.

#8: Offer training and development opportunities

Employees do not stick around in jobs that don’t let them grow their skills and advance their careers. Make sure you’re offering training and development opportunities at every level of your organization – otherwise, employees will be forced to find it somewhere else.

#9: Recognize continuous effort

You’d be surprised how much a little recognition can achieve when it comes to employee retention. Recognize your employees’ effort publicly so that they know they’re appreciated.

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