Ready to jumpstart your job search and find a new role that lets you thrive? It’s a great time to do it. In today’s candidate-driven market, employees have the leverage. And a skilled recruiter can give you an even greater advantage.

Recruiters give you exclusive access to jobs.

Plenty of top companies don’t bother listing their job openings on the major job boards. They simply connect directly with recruiters to source talent. That means when you connect with a recruiter for your job search, they have access to exclusive openings that you can’t find on your own.

Recruiters help polish your resume and cover letter.

Recruiters do a lot more than apply to open jobs for you. They make you a better job candidate – and increase your chances of being called for an interview – by helping you polish your cover letter and resume. When these documents are firing on all cylinders, you’re attractive to more top employers and are more likely to find success in your job search.

Recruiters provide interview coaching.

When the time comes for interviews, your recruiter can help you practice and prepare. From mock interviews to preparing for tough questions and even choosing how to dress to make the best first impression, your recruiter is your guide to all things interview success.

Recruiters act as your advocate.

In addition to finding roles that suit your skills and experience, recruiters also act as your advocate when it comes to compensation, benefits, and perks. They sell hiring managers on your candidacy in order to get you the best possible deal out of the employer-employee relationship. Plus, they make a point to be aware of the industry salary standards – that means you can rest assured you’re being treated fairly when it comes to compensation and benefits.

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