Being a good communicator will help you in multiple ways throughout life, your professional life included. When you think about it, everything you do related to work involves communicating, whether it’s with your coworkers, boss, outside vendors, or anyone else you encounter for work.

The better your communication skills, the better your career will turn out. So, how can you improve and showcase your communication skills?

Be a better listener.

Did you know that the best communicators are also the best listeners? They go hand-in-hand, so by improving your listening skills you’ll automatically be a better communicator. Practice active listening – pay close attention to what others are saying, show that you’re listening closely, and ask questions and clarifying points to fully understand.

Remember that body language is a part of communication.

Communication isn’t just verbal – it’s physical, too. Body language is a big part of how you come across when you’re communicating with someone. Paying attention to this is another great way to improve your communication skills. Utilize eye contact and hand gestures; pay attention to the tone of your voice and your facial expressions. Often, how you’re saying something is just as important as what you’re saying.

Maintain an open mind.

You may not always agree with your coworkers, or boss, or other people you’re talking with. But it’s important that you maintain an open mind and at least understand their perspective, rather than trying to “win.” The best communicators know that there is no winning – it’s better to agree to disagree and remain respectful, even if you don’t share the same views.

Be confident.

What do you notice about the best public speakers? They’re confident. Part of that involves body language, but part of it is simply being confident in what you’re saying. It’s okay to be unsure of something and to be open about that, but projecting confidence – even confidence that you’re not sure – is always a powerful communication tool.

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