There are countless studies that prove company culture has an effect on your employees’ happiness. To put it simply, organizations that have a positive work culture are more productive, financially successful, and easily scalable than organizations with a negative or toxic culture. And another thing that company culture has a direct impact on is retention and turnover rates.

If you’re experiencing a high turnover rate, it might be because of the culture you’re supporting. Here’s how to find out if your culture is to blame:

Conduct exit interviews.

Do you conduct exit interviews at your company? It’s a great way to find out what employees thought during their tenure with your organization – and you’re much more likely to get real, honest answers because the employee has nothing to lose. Analyze your exit interviews to find patterns. If you notice multiple employees pointing out the same things, perhaps related to a negative work culture, you can bet it’s time to make some positive changes.

Talk to your employees.

Talk one-on-one with your employees to find out what they think needs to change within the organization. Often, the people on the ground have the best ideas of what should be different. And if your organization has great leaders, they should be able to talk to employees in such a way that they get honest, transparent feedback.

Watch for signs of burnout.

When a negative or toxic work culture has pervaded your organization, burnout usually comes hand-in-hand with it. Look for signs of burnout among your employees – exhaustion, loss of interest in their work, missed deadlines, tardiness, and increased absenteeism are all classic signs. Fixing the problem might involve multiple steps. You may need to allow for increased time off so employees can recharge; flexible work arrangements might help, too. And in the worst-case scenario, toxic leaders at your organization might need to be let go – sometimes, it’s the only way to bring your company culture back.

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