Plenty of employers are hiring right now. And that’s a good thing for job seekers—opportunities are plentiful and hiring managers are looking for qualified, motivated talent. So, why should you bother with an employment firm like Talent Corps at a time like this?

The truth is that there are still many great reasons to partner with a staffing firm rather than tackling the job search alone.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Some companies don’t post their job openings on the major job boards like Monster and Indeed, or even on their own website. Instead, they connect with staffing firms to source talent. That means recruiters often have exclusive access to top jobs that you simply won’t be able to find on your own. Beating your competition and gaining access to these exclusive roles is one of the big benefits of partnering with an employment firm.

Resume Polishing and Interview Prep

Recruiters don’t just connect you with opportunities that match the skills listed on your resume. They help you polish your resume to make you more appealing to employers, highlighting your essential skills and unique experience. They also work with you to improve your interviewing skills, which allows you to make a lasting first impression on hiring managers. This makes your chances of landing a top opportunity that much more likely.

Get Hired Fast

It’s a recruiter’s job to find and connect you with hiring managers and employers—it’s what they do, and they do it well. An additional benefit of this is that the process is fast. Rather than slogging through the painstaking process of finding a role you qualify for, applying, waiting weeks to hear back, and setting up multiple rounds of interviews yourself, your recruiter takes care of it for you. Working with an employment firm is the best way to shorten your job search and find a great opportunity quickly.

Long-Term Career Guidance

The relationship you form with your recruiter doesn’t stop once you’ve landed a job. Partnering with an employment firm means you’ve gained a long-term career advocate. The next time you’re looking for an opportunity, you have a trusted advisor at your back. Your recruiter can provide long-term career guidance for as long as you need it—that’s something you won’t get when searching for jobs on your own.

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