As the Baby Boomers retire and much of Generation Z graduates from high school and college, Gen Z is poised to shape the workforce – in the United States and around the globe – for decades to come. It stands to reason that your operation needs to attract these younger workers in order to stay viable. But that’s easier said than done.

Here are a few tips for attracting Gen Z to your business:

Improve your job listings

Usually, a job listing is the first interaction a candidate has with your business. And first impressions matter, so you want to make it count. Remember: Gen Z workers probably don’t have a lot of experience under their belt, so make it clear that your open entry-level positions are just that: entry-level. An analysis from LinkedIn found that employers required a minimum of three years’ work experience on 35% of their entry-level postings. If this is your company, It’s time to change that language to ensure you’re not missing out on top talent just because they don’t fit every piece of criteria.

Focus on flexibility

The new generation values flexibility in their work, and they prioritize work-life balance better than the generations that came before them. Try to incorporate flexibility into your culture in whatever ways you can. We realize that remote work isn’t always an option in the light industrial, skilled trades, and construction fields, but think about whether you’re able to offer flexible start and end times (sometimes called flex days) or a choice of contracts that let workers build their careers how they see fit.

Make your company values clear

Members of Gen Z care about the values and priorities the companies they work for uphold. So, make your core values clear throughout your marketing materials, website, social channels, and other avenues. That way, prospective Gen Z candidates can see up front whether they align with their own beliefs and values.

Offer growth and advancement opportunities

No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job, no matter what generation they belong to. Ensure you’re offering clear pathways for growth and advancement for members of Gen Z. That doesn’t mean that every entry-level employee must have a pathway to becoming a supervisor; even setting up a mentorship program to help younger workers gain more skills and insights is very attractive to members of this generation.


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