Your company’s core values are central to everything you do. And they’re just as important for guiding your leadership as they are for attracting and retaining the best people in your industry. However, sometimes it’s easier for leadership to know, understand, and execute your company’s core values than it is for the employees on the job. It’s tough to make core values trickle down to every part of your organization.

Here’s how to highlight and showcase your company’s values so that current – and prospective – employees are aware of them.

Make your values part of your branding.

No one will ever know much about your company values if they’re not publicly displayed and discussed. That’s why your core values need to be included in your company’s branding. Put them on your website, include them in your job postings, bring them up during meetings. However you do it, make your company values more than just a list that lives on the CEO’s laptop, or a printout that everyone ignores in the break room. This is how you communicate those values to your current employees – and those you’re trying to attract.

Incorporate values into your hiring process.

We’ve already mentioned including your core values in your job postings. But you can also take it beyond that. Once you have a potential employee interested, include a discussion of your core values as a part of initial interviews – try asking candidates how they feel they fit in with those values. It can tell you a lot about whether the candidate would be a good fit within your organization. You can also try incorporating core values into any materials or resources you send to candidates, like your company handbook, video tutorials, etc.

Implement a peer-to-peer recognition system.

Having a peer-to-peer recognition platform – and making job candidates aware of this even before they’ve been hired – is another great way to showcase your company’s core values. Many recognition platforms allow employees to give recognition and relate that praise to a core value. For instance, an employee might recognize their coworker for going above and beyond for a customer and relate that praise to your company’s core value of being the best in the industry.

Find People Who Share Your Company’s Values

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