It might seem like “company culture” is nothing more than a buzzword, a common turn of phrase that floats around the working world without really meaning anything. But this could not be further from the truth. Company culture is in fact very real – and especially important.

Here is why:

It defines your company’s branding and identity.

Your organizational culture is the bedrock upon which your company is built. This culture affects every aspect of your business – because it stands for the way that you do your business. It’s your identity, your image, your branding; it’s everything that your company is. Company culture changes your employees and your customers, but also your vendors or suppliers, your stakeholders, the media, and the public.

It improves retention.

Having a strong company culture – and one that’s positive – improves retention rates. When people feel happy working for your company, they’re more likely to stay. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, when workers experience a poor company culture or, worse, a toxic one, they’re going to look for the quickest exit. Improve your retention rates and keep your best people working for you by improving your company culture.

It attracts the best people.

Company culture doesn’t just help to keep the great people you already have. It helps you attract new ones. One of the most powerful candidate attraction tools is your company’s organizational culture. Be sure to highlight it in whatever ways you can – across social media channels, on your company website, in interviews, through commercials, etc. Putting out the image that your company is a suitable place to work where employees feel valued and respected is a huge boost for your hiring efforts.

It affects performance and employee well-being.

Multiple studies have shown that a positive company culture has a direct impact on employees’ performance. And it’s not hard to understand why. When employees feel valued, appreciated, and cared for, they’re more motivated to do their best work. When they feel ignored or maligned, it quickly strips them of any motivation they might have had. Plus, it can start to affect employees’ mental well-being and even lead to burnout if the problem isn’t addressed.

Improve Your Company Culture with Great People

Since so much of company culture boils down to the people you have working within your organization, hiring extraordinary talent can make a stark difference. Gain a partner in your search by contacting Talent Corps. We look forward to getting to know your company so we can meet your staffing needs!

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