Let’s be honest: The job hunt is no fun. Spending countless hours fine-tuning your resume and cover letter, tailoring the documents to each specific application, sending follow-up emails… all to rarely, if ever, hear back from the jobs you apply for. If you’re looking for work but are interested in going about the job search in a different way, partnering with an employment firm is a great idea. Here’s how you can access multiple jobs and employers with the help of a professional recruitment firm:

Recruiters specialize in specific industries.

While there are plenty of general recruiters out there that match job seekers with open positions across a variety of fields, many recruiters have certain specialties that they work in. They are experts in these fields and they know what job seekers and employers alike are looking for. That gives them the unique ability to pair qualified talent with the employers who need them most. If you’re looking for a job in a specific industry or field, having an experienced partner at your side with knowledge of the industry – and the local job market – is a big plus.

Recruiters have a broad network.

Recruiters make it their job to connect with people in your region. That means they have a broad network of employers in your field. Even if a company hasn’t posted a job opening publicly, a recruiter may have an inside line toward that opening and be able to match your unique skill set with a job that others can’t see. That network is something you don’t have access to on your own – you only get it by partnering with a recruitment professional.

Recruiters have access to exclusive jobs.

Did you know that some employers don’t bother posting their openings on the major job boards like Indeed and Monster at all? Instead, they bypass job boards entirely and connect directly with a recruiter to source talent. That means your recruiter has access to exclusive jobs with top employers – and those openings aren’t listed publicly for everyone to see. You’ll be first in line for the best openings in your region.

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