Summertime is quickly approaching. And with the warm weather and long sunny days comes more time-off requests as employees take their summer vacations. Of course, you can’t have everyone taking off at once. In addition to having a robust time-off policy in place to ensure time-off requests don’t cause staffing shortages, you can partner with a staffing firm like Talent Corps for help navigating this tough time of year.

Here’s how we can help your business navigate time-off requests this summer:

Fill staffing gaps with temporary talent.

No matter if it’s one crucial existing member of your team or half a department, filling gaps with temporary staff is a great way to ensure absences don’t affect production or business objectives. We can help you find the qualified professionals you need to keep the job going, even when your existing labor force is on vacation. And we can do it fast, meaning you don’t waste time or resources just because of your employees’ vacation plans.

Schedule staff augmentation ahead of time for planned absences.

If you’re aware of several absences your team has coming up, whether it’s for vacation, parental leave, or any other reason, let us know. We can work with you to address your staff augmentation needs ahead of time. When time-off requests come in, we’ll have staff at the ready to fill in your labor gaps. That gives you peace of mind knowing that your business won’t suffer because of those absences.

Scale back when vacation season ends.

Once the summer is over and those time-off requests become less common, you can scale back your temporary workforce. That’s one of the great things about temporary staffing services – when you need the help, it’s easy to ramp up to meet production goals. When the demand ceases, it’s easy to scale back and save money once you don’t need the augmentation.

Trust Your Staff Augmentation to Talent Corps

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