Depending on the size and scope of a project or venture, time off for your employees can have a real impact. It can be difficult to keep up with production when multiple time-off requests roll in at once. And that’s more likely to happen in the summertime than any other time of year. So, what can your organization do to help keep production levels up? Connect with a staffing partner like Talent Corps.

Specialized Staff to Cover Skills Gaps

When skilled tradespeople take well-deserved time off, they’re taking that special skill with them. Often, it’s hard to cover for unique and specialized skill sets when these workers are away from the job site. That’s where your staffing partner comes in. We can source specialized workers with those hard-to-find skillsets to help cover the skills gaps you’re facing – that means you don’t lose any time or revenue just because your existing staff is taking some time away.

Temporary Staff to Cover Absences

Even if it’s not a specialized tradesperson, absences of any kind can impact production and productivity. Whether it’s vacation time, parental or family leave, medical leave, or any other kind of planned or unplanned absence, it affects your workforce. Bringing in temporary staff to cover those gaps is one of the best solutions for solving this issue. Temporary workers allow you to fill coverage gaps and maintain production without hiring full-time staff. When the demand decreases again and you no longer need the extra help, it’s easy to scale back and save money at the same time.

A Long-Term Staffing Partner

Your coverage needs won’t end just because summer vacation season stops. Your employees take off at all times of the year, and you’ll need help managing those absences. That’s why Talent Corps is your staffing partner in the long term. Whenever you need skilled professionals to get the job done in the face of staffing shortages, we’re here for you. That means you keep up production levels no matter what.

Need Coverage Help This Summer?

If you’re facing staffing shortages or have several time-off requests coming up in the near future, let Talent Corps help. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our staff augmentation services and get started. Learn more about our construction staffing services here!

Find the People You Need

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