Is employee turnover a problem at your organization? One reason for that might be a lack of flexibility in your scheduling. In order to retain your best employees, rather than losing them to your competition, it might be time to consider implementing more flexibility at your company. Whether it’s a hybrid work schedule, flexible start and end times, or remote options, these arrangements have many benefits – including a lower turnover rate. Here’s why:

It reduces work-family conflict.

Parents of young or school-aged children, people caring for relatives or loved ones, and others with family obligations often need more flexibility in their schedules. If they can’t get it, they might need to find another job that gives it to them. And people with high levels of work-family pressures might decide to opt out of the workforce entirely. Adding flexible options to your scheduling means those with family obligations have the time outside of work to do what they need to do – and that’s a powerful retention tool.

It respects individual ways of working.

Not everyone works the same way. Some employees are morning people; some aren’t. Some get more work done when they’re at home, free of distractions; others need to come into the physical workplace in order to be productive. Adding flexibility into your organization’s approach to working means that different people can work the way they want to and need to in order to do their best.

It’s the new normal.

Remote, hybrid, and flexible scheduling was around long before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we think about work. But the pandemic certainly made flexible arrangements more commonplace and showed the world why flexible work is necessary – and how much employers want it. To put it simply, flexible arrangements are the new normal, and employees expect some degree of flexibility and autonomy from their employers. If you don‘t provide it, you’re not just turning off new talent who might otherwise be interested in your organization. You’re at risk of losing your best existing employees, too.

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