When was the last time you considered your company’s core values? Did you set them many years ago, when your business didn’t look the same as it does now? It might be time for a revamp. It’s very important that your company’s core values actually mean something. Here’s why.

Hollow values mean nothing.

Do your core values consist of words like “Excellence,” “Integrity,” or “Loyalty?” Those sound great, but what do they really mean? Empty values like these are just buzzwords – and you can bet that 90% of the companies out there in your field use the exact same ones. If your values are just words on a page, they’re not making a difference; they’re not guiding how people at your company live and work every day. And that means you’re not a cohesive unit, and you’re not setting yourself apart from the competition in any way.

Values need to permeate every part of your business.

If your company’s core values are upheld by leadership but not by entry-level employees, or they’re followed diligently by staff members but not by management, what good are they? Your core values should address the key characteristics that you want every member of the team to follow, from top-level executives all the way down to the lowest on the totem pole. When your values permeate every part of your business in this way, your entire company is truly living its core values.

Today’s talent pays attention.

Another reason why it’s important for your core values to mean something? Today’s talent is paying attention. People want to know what the company they work for stands for, what values leadership shares, what the company is doing to make their lives – and the world at large – a better place. You’ll attract and retain better talent when your core values are apparent, transparent, and meaningful.

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