The main reason to prioritize workplace safety at your facility is obvious: to prevent injuries and keep your employees safe while they’re on the job. But there’s a hidden benefit of good workplace safety records and practices that you might not have considered – it’s a powerful recruitment tool, and it’s great for retention efforts, too. The reason why is simple. Employees are likely to seek other employment if they don’t feel safe while they’re at work.

Here are just three of the major ways that workplace safety impacts your recruiting and retention efforts:

Safety Improves Communication

If an employee has a concern or question regarding safety, do they have a clear pathway to voice it? Employees won’t feel confident voicing safety concerns – either for fear of reprisal or because they don’t feel their opinion will be valued – if you don’t maintain a clear method of communication between employees and management. And it won’t be long before the word gets out that you’re an employer that doesn’t value transparency, which will only harm your recruiting and retention.

Safety Improves Morale

Workplaces with high morale levels tend to attract great people – and keep them around. It’s that simple. And a great way to improve morale within your facility is to have a great safety record. By prioritizing safety, you’re reducing the number of workplace incidents and maintaining the trust your employees have in you at the same time. Conversely, if your facility has a high rate of incidents and injuries, employees quickly lose that trust. And it won’t be long before they’re seeking greener pastures where they feel safe and valued.

Safety Improves Productivity

Creating a culture of safety also has a direct impact on your facility’s productivity – and therefore your bottom line. When employees feel safe at work, they’ll do better work, and they’re likely to get it done faster, too. Safety programs are designed to help reduce workplace incidents and injuries, allowing employees to succeed in their roles and remain productive day in and day out. Employees want to be productive, rather than drag their feet and never get projects completed. A productive workplace equals a workplace where people want to be.

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